♡ Makeup by me: Fitness models & bridal makeup

Hi beauties! I just wanted to stop by and say hi:) hope you all are fine and that you are having a great week so far.

Someone recently asked me what happened to my blog and why I never post anything. I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks now and I miss blogging sooo much. As you know (or may not know) I am studying my second year of university and school is very hectic and taking up a lot of my time at the moment. I want to get back to blogging on a regular basis as I used to do – but I need ideas for future blog posts. What kind of blog post would you like to read on my blog? Any ideas?

Another reason for me stopping by today is because I wanted to share some makeup looks I’ve done on my clients recently. This weekend there was a big fitness festival in my town and I got the chance to do two lovely girls’ makeup who where both participating in the fitness festival.


Fitness models

One of my older brothers got married last weekend and I did the bride’s makeup. I love doing bridal makeup – simple and neutral eye makeup with gorgeous lashes.

The gorgeous bride

What do you think of these looks?

♡ New hair from Beedelicioushair

Hi :)

Today’s blogpost will be about my new autumn hair. Yes new hair again! I love changing my hair and trying different hair styles! Weave and hair extensions allows me to change and dye the hair without damaging my natural hair. I ❤️ weave lol.

The hair straightened

My new hair I’m currently wearing is from Beedelicioushair and I am wearing the Peruvian straight hair. I have 3 bundles (22″,20″ & 18″) in and a lace closure. The Peruvian straight is super silky and this hair has a very nice lustre. The hair does not shed much at all and I haven’t had much tangling in the hair either.

I went for a middle part this time which is something very different for me – I normally always wear my hair in a side part. The bundles and the lace closure is sewn onto a wig cap. This way I am able to take care of my natural hair underneath. The colour of the hair is a natural dark brown colour. I’m thinking of dying it but don’t know what colour yet. Any suggestions?

The hair curled

Beedelicioushair is a new started hair company here in Gothenburg Sweden. A few months ago I was at the photoshoot for the website doing makeup and I modelled for the website as well. The website launched a while ago and you can now order hair through the website.

From the photoshoot – makeup by me.

Beedelicioushair offers quality Virgin human hair in Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair. Lace closures and wigs as well. Check out Beedelicioushair for more info about the different hair textures and prices.

What do you think of my new hair?

Website: http://www.beedelicioushair.com/
Instagram: @beedelicioushair


Today’s #tbt is a look I created almost two years ago – time really flies! See the full look and product list here and the post to the step-by-step post here. I should really start doing step-by-step posts again right!?



What do you think of this look?

♡ Review: Plush Extensions Peruvian Deep Wavy

If you follow me on Instagram (@niicolea) you probably know that I wore curly hair a few weeks ago, and I was supposed to review the hair after I installed it. However due to technical problems this hair review was delayed. Everything is back in order now and I finally managed to film my very first hair review video on Youtube (see video below).

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This gorgeous curly hair is from Plush Extensions and I was kindly sent the peruvian deep wavy hair in 16″,18″, 20″ and a 16″ lace closure. I actually decided to sew the hair and the lace closure onto a wig cap and make it to an u-part wig with the lace closure. So yep I’m wearing a wig! The reason I didn’t do a sew-in with the hair is because I want to be able to take care of my natural hair and also prevent the curly hair from getting tangled and matted. I will make a blog post regarding u-part wigs and weaves very soon, so look out for that!

The Peruvian Deep Wavy hair

As this is a wig I do not sleep with it, which makes the curly hair much easier to maintain. Since the curls are deep wavy it requires high maintenance, such as detangling and moisturizing etc. Deep wavy and kinky curly hair also tend to tangle and shedd more easily than other hair textures. The peruvian deep wavy hair does shedd a bit but since that’s normal for curlier hair textures it is something that isn’t bothering me. I did however experience more shedding in the lace closure than the rest of the bundles when washing the hair prior to making the wig.

I have no clue what the exact measurement of the lace closure is, but it is quite a small closure. I have sort of a love/hate relationship with lace closures – you definitely need to have talent to make them look realistic. I personally think it looks awful when the closure is visible and you can spot where the lace closure is. I’ve had some bad experiences with lace closures before, but this time I think I did an ok job making the closure realistic, since people are actually asking me if the hair is mine! To make the lace closure look more like a natural parting I bleached the knots of the lace closure so that it would match my scalp. I also use a tweezer to tweeze out and to make the actual parting. The only products I use on the hair is argon oil and to activate the curls I co-wash (washing the hair only using conditioner) the hair and just leave it to air dry.

After co-washing the hair

As far as shipping, I was very pleased with the 1,5 week it took for the hair to get here. Plush Extensions is based in America and as you know I live in Sweden so I think 1,5 week was very fast for international shipping. I must say that this hair is probably the most natural looking hair I have ever tried, and like I said people think the hair is my natural hair, I wish haha! The curls are gorgeous and I am in love with this hair, it’s definitely some big diva hair!

Plush Extensions offer 100% virgin human hair of different origins and textures. As you know I received the Peruvian loose wavy hair from Plush Extension almost a year ago and that I absolutely love. Check out the initial review here and the final review here. The prices at Plush Extensions are very affordable and they also offer amazing bundle deals. If you are looking for gorgeous quality hair I would definitely suggest checking out Plush Extensions.

Website: http://www.plushextensions.net
Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/plush.extensions.33?fref=ts

What do you think of this curly hair?

♡ Photoshoot in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey there :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend. I spent part of my weekend in Copenhagen Denmark doing makeup for a photoshoot. The photoshoot was held in a hotel in central Copenhagen with the most beautiful view of the city. I can’t wait to see the edited photos! Here are some behind the scene pics:


Hair and makeup by me


♡ Mink Lash Haul/Review from Eyewearlashes.com

Hello beauties :)

You all know by now that I LOVE false eyelashes! Since I wasn’t blessed with natural long eyelashes so I definitely need those false lashes for sure. I got really excited when I recently recieved a package from Eyewearlashes.com they offers an exclusive line of beautiful 100% genuine crualty-free mink lashes. Eyewearlashes.com kindly sent me two pairs of false mink lashes to try out.

So let’s start of by talking about the gorgeous packaging. The lashes comes in a super cute box and was wrapped with pink paper – so girly! I like :)
IMG_7465 (2)
Gorgeous packaging

Along with the lashes I also got an instruction sheet as well as the “Lovely Lash Care Kit”. The kit includes:
1 Wonder-bond – False Lash Adhesive with applictor wand. The adhesive is available in white (dries clear) and black. The lash glue dries qick and it’s waterproof.
1 Strip-Ease Lash Serum – False Lash Adhesive Remover & Lash Beautifying serum. The serum gently removes false lashes and stubborn lash adhesive residue.
1 Disposable Mascara Wand
IMG_7487 (2)
The Lovely Lash Care Kit

I recieved two pairs of lashes – the “Lizzie” lashes and the “Freya” lashes. The lashes are 100% genuine mink lashes and they are my first pair of mink lashes.
IMG_7466 (2)

IMG_7478 (2)
“Lizzie” mink lashes

The “Lizzie” lashes are styled to provided a dramatic and full look – the perfect lashes for a evening smokey look. The lashes are double lashes and flares out at the ends, which will give your eyes a cat-eye look.
IMG_7479 (2)
“Freya” mink lashes

The “Freya” lashes are wispy lashes that are volumizing and fierce looking. These lashes are great for a evening look but for a fearless diva they will looks fab with a more natural day time look as well.

After trying the “Lizzie” lashes I sure noticed a difference between regular lashes and the mink lashes. The mink lashes are truly of great quality and natural looking. The lashes were unbelievable comfortable and lighweight.

Me wearing the “Lizzie” lashes

Eyewearlashes offer a ” free membership & reward program”,so all money spent at http://www.eyewearlashes.com is put right back onto your account to be put towards product discounts. Lastly I want share a coupon code: “niicolea” that will give you 15% off your next order.

Website: http://www.eyewearlashes.com
Instagram: @eyewearlashesco

Have you tried mink lashes?