Yesterday’s Photoshoot for Beedelicioushair

Hey loves,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was super fun as I got to do a few makeup looks for a photoshoot – AND I was actually also one of the models for the shoot. The photoshoot was for a new hair company – Beedelicioushair that’s based in here in Gothenburg Sweden (more exciting info about the hair company is coming soon!!).
I’m super excited to see all the pictures!

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

Look at my gorgeous hair from Beedelicioushair!



The beautiful owner of Beedelicioushair20140824-203132-73892359.jpg

♡ Mini Haul from (blogpost in Swedish)

Hello dääär :)

Dagens blogginlägg kommer att vara på svenska. Jag fick nyligen möjligheten att shoppa på igen och tänkte visa er vad jag beställde. Jag beställde hem lite smycken för några veckor sedan som jag visade er i ett inlägg, där jag även gav presenttips till flickvännen (se inlägget här). Så dagens inlägg är alltså en “mini haul”.

Jag beställde hem ett vackert halsband i guld (se bild nedan) som ni kan hitta här. Halsbandet är verkligen ett “statement” smycke men ändå mycket simpelt. Halsbandet är från SWAG ‘A’ STYLE kollektionen, som definitivt är min favorit kollektion då det finns smycken i guld som precis är min stil.

Mitt halsband kom i en vanlig plast påse, det går dock att välja till att varan ska komma inslagen i ett paket.

Halsband – Annelise

Jag beställde även hem ett rosa mobilfodral till min iPhone (se bild nedan). Fodralet skyddar verkligen mobilen, vilket är awesome för mig som alltid tappar mobilen. Älskar även den rosa färgen!

Ni hittar mobilfodralet här

Stanpresenter är som sagt en svensk webbshop som har ett stort utbud av presenter – allt från smycken, accessoarer till handgjorda väskor. Stanpresenter har även massa fodral och skal till iPhone och till andra mobiler. Mobilskal är en jättebra present till både henne och honom. är alltså den perfekta sidan för presenter till alla tillfällen till både henne och honom.
Kolla in deras:
Instagram: @stanpresenter
Twitter: @stanpresenter

Vad tycker ni om min haul?

Disclaimer: Det här inlägget var sponsrat av, dock har det inte påverkat mina personliga åsikter om produkterna. Det här inlägget var baserat utifrån min personliga erfarenhet.

♡ How to: Clean makeup brushes

Happy Monday beauties :)

Today’s blogpost will cover how to properly clean your makeup brushes. If you are new to makeup and not sure what makeup brushes to use you can check out my Beauty basics: Makeup Brushes post to find out what brushes you need and what to use them for.

Makeup brushes that have been used several times are dirty and contains germs and bacteria. By using dirty makeup brushes on your skin old makeup and bacteria transfer to your skin, which can clog your pores and cause acne.

Dirty makeup brushes full of germs

To avoid germs and pimples on your skin you should at least clean your makeup brushes once a week. If you have severe acne it is recommended to clean your brushes after every use.

Start by running the bristles of the brush under lukewarm water.

Soak the bristles in shampoo. I would recommend using a mild shampoo e.g. baby shampoo. Use a generous amount of shampoo when cleaning foundation, concealer and powder brushes to get them completely clean.

Rub in the shampoo gently in the palm of your hand and rinse the bristles under water. Rinse the bristles until there’s no more visible foam and make sure to get into the middle of the bristles and not just the outside.

Blot the bristles on a clean towel. Lay the brushes on a towel overnight.

Nice and clean again :)

Spray a “Spray Cleaner” that contains alcohol after cleaning the brushes, to make sure that all germs and bacteria are gone. I like to use this spray cleaner when I’m working on clients and myself to quickly clean my brushes. You simply spray some product on the brush and rub the bristles on a tissue paper, the bristles are clean and dry within a few seconds. Amazing!

Spray Cleaner by KICKS

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

♡ Makeup tutorial: Glitter Smokey Eye

Heeey :)

Here’s my latest makeup tutorial – grey smokey eye with glitter, that I just uploaded on my YouTube channel. I seriously want to start making YouTube videos where I’m actually talking but the feeling of just sitting in front of a camera speaking to yourself is so awkward haha! Like where do I look? How loud should I speak so you will be able to hear me? Those beauty gurus on YouTube are pros for sure lol! But I did manage to record a little intro for you and hopefully I’ll start making proper full videos soon.

Some pics from my phone:




♡ Product list:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot Gel Liner in White
Makeup Store Micro Eyeshadow in Causal
Inglot Freedom System palette
Makeup Store Micro Eyeshadow in Cupcake
E.l.f Gel Liner in Black
L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sunglasses
NYX Lipliner in Brown Cafe
MAC Lisptick in Hue

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♡ New Makeup Organizer/storage

Hiii beauties :)

In this blogpost I wanted to share my new makeup organizer/storage. Since my makeup collection keeps growing I’m always on the hunt for organizers to store all my makeup and beauty products. One great store to find home decor and also organizers for storage is IKEA, and there’s where I usually purchased all my storage from.

“Godmorgon” box from IKEA

My latest makeup organizer is this acrylic box (Muji inspired I guess) that I was surprised to I find in IKEA. The organizer is perfect for makeup or jewelry as it has 10 compartments – one compartment perfect for holding lipsticks (see pictures). This box is obviously too small to hold all my makeup, but I like to keep all of my go-to products like my foundations, lip products and a few of my favourite lipsticks etc. in the box. I keep the organizer on my drawer for easy access when I’m in a rush.

You can find the makeup organizer here.

How do you store your makeup?


Hi loves

Yesterday (Sunday 13th) I turned 21 and I had a great weekend celebrating my b-day with friends and family. Here are my birthday looks.. which look is your fave?

♡ Friday night:
Neutral eyes with red ombré lips
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Syracuse
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella
NYX Lip liner in Deep Purple
MAC Lipstick in RiRi Woo
Dress – Zara
Necklace – Primark

♡ Saturday night:
Bold eyes with nude lips (similar look from my previous makeup post)
View makeup details here
Tube top – BikBok
Skirt – River Island
Heels – Primark
Clutch – YSL

PS. Thank you for all the sweet birthday whishes on Facebook and instagram <3