♡ Photoshoot with Zzipbooutique 

I’m so happy for my friend Sally who just opened her own clothing line; Zzipbooutique. The photoshoot for the clothing line was held last week in Stockholm and I was asked to do both makeup and be one of the models. The dress collection just launched yesterday and I’m so happy with the photos from the photoshoot. Check out the entire dresses collection on https://www.facebook.com/ZzipDressses?fref=ts and instagram @zzipbooutique <3


Product Review Thursday – L.A Girl Pro Conceal High-definition Concealer

Today’s “Product review Thursday” will be about the super hyped L.A Girl Pro Conceal High-definition concealers. This product is not available in Sweden nor in Europe, I ordered mine from http://www.beautyjoint.com which is an American website. I must start by saying that I am soo happy I ordered these concealers because they are amazing and some of my favourite concealers.


There are 20 different shades and I decided to get 5 shades; Classic Ivory, Creamy Beige, Warm Sand, Cool Tan and Fawn (see picture).The coverage of these concealers are medium but are buildable for a fuller coverage. I personally like my concealers to have a full coverage, so I tend to apply a generous amount of the concealer. I have seen reviews that compare these concealers to MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer. I have the Pro Longwear concealer from MAC (which I love btw) and when comparing the two I feel like they are similar and are both easy to blend. One thing I did noticed about the L.A Pro concealer was that it creased a bit under the eye, however consider the price ($2.99!!) I can live with that. These concealers are some of my favourite concealers to use for highlighting and contouring, as they come with a applicator that makes it easy to apply and then blend out with a brush or a beauty blender.

IMG_6951 (2)

In conclusion I would definitely recommend the L.A Girl Pro Conceal High-definition concealer to anyone who’s looking for affordable concealers that are comparable to MAC concealers but cheaper.The concealers come in a variarty of different shades and are perfect for highlighiting and contouring.

Have you tried the L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer?


Hej alla svenska beauties!

Nu är det snart dags för bal för er studenter och jag kommer därför ha ett erbjudande till alla som ska gå på balen i år – balsminkning för 300kr!!  Alla smink produkter samt lösögonfransar ingår :) Om du är intresserad av att bli sminkad av mig till dig bal maila mig till niicole_7@hotmail.com eller ring/smsa 076-2343883

Dela gärna detta inlägg <3

Waist training YAY or NAY??

So I have officially joined the new waist training trend! This new trend of getting a hourglass figure using a waist trainer has had a huge blow out lately, and I have been super curious to try if it really works – for what better way is there to get a perfect curvy body without plastic surgery?


What does a waist trainer really do? Using the corset daily helps the process of waist reduction to basically cinch the waist. It’s a gradual process and can take months before showing any results. After doing some research online there are actually some experts that say that waist training will make you eat less and will result in weight loss, while others mean that wearing the corset for too long can hurt the organs. So I got my corset last week and I have started using it slowly I wear the corset 30-45 min per day, and so far so good!

I will give the waist trainer a few months and I will definitely make sure to update you. NOW I want to know what your thoughts are on these waist trainers! YAY or NAY??


Product Review Thursday – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit

Hello readers :)

Today’s blog post will be the first post for my new “Product Review Thursday” series, where I will be reviewing different makeup and beauty products every Thursday. So be ready every Thursday for a new review post.

The first blog post for the new series will be a review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit. Everyone has probably heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills by now, especially about all their brow products and their infamous contour palettes. Here’s the Brow Genius Kit:




The brow kit comes with a small jar of loose powder, a waterproof clear gel, a double-ended angled brush/brow brush and a instruction sheet. The first step to use this kit is to pour some of the powder and then ad the clear gel to get a creamy paste to fill in your eyebrow with. The angled brush is great for applying the paste and then blend with the spoolie.

I got this Brow Genius kit over a year ago and when I initially tried the product I wasn’t a big fan of the product at all. I have later tried to use the product multiple times in hopes that I would like it, but truthfully I don’t like this brow kit at all. The gel mixed with the powder just makes it hard to create natural looking brows. The creamy paste (see pic below) dries very quickly which makes it hard to blend the paste with your natural brow. Apart from that I actually like the concept of the kit – but I don’t feel like this is a “genius” brow kit.


I had a look at Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website and surprisingly I couldn’t find this particular brow kit, but as I mentioned I received the kit over a year ago so it might be discontinued. So as far as the price for the brow kit, I’m not sure how much it retails for. In conclusion I would not recommend this particular brow kit :( Anastasia Beverly Hills has other great brow products though that I would check out :)

Have you tired this brow kit?