I ❤ shopping

Makeup Haul

Hey! So I went shopping yesterday, and I thought I would share what I got. BildBildFrom left: Makeup Store Microshadow in Casual, Makeup Store Microshadow in Under The Sun

BildMAC eyeshadow in Arena

BildFrom left: Makeup Store Glitter in Ufo, Makeup Store Glitter in Taurus, 

BildMAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit

Bild From left: MAC lipstick in Reel Sexy, MAC lipstick in Snob

BildMakeup Store Globe Blending Brush 116,MAC Blending Brush 217

BildMaybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20

BildMAC Face primer sample size, MAC Pro longwear concealer in NW43 sample size

Have you tried any of these products? if so let me know how you liked them. And if you would like me to post a review of any of these products feel free to leave a comment!


17 thoughts on “Makeup Haul

  1. Right so I was going to try and not buy makeup for at least a week then I see your post… I NEED Mac’s Reel Sexy Lipstick and the Mineralize Skin Finish…!!! Gorgeous! The glitters are amazing too, such great pigment! Please do a post when you’ve used them, would love to see what the’te like on! Avril xXx

    1. Lol that’s what I said too, and then I ended up with all this stuff! Yes, I was suprised how pigmented the glitters were, I will defenetly do a post when I use them! Thanks for commenting. Xx

  2. You are giving me inspiration right now…my makeup is getting low and it’s time to refresh! I have the MAC Snob lipstick and it’s one of my favorites…are you into the MAC Dazzleglass as well?

    1. It’s always fun to refresh your makeup collection! MAC snob lipstick is one of my faves now as well, after just trying it on 🙂 I don’t own any MAC Dazzleglass yet, but I’ve been thinking of trying them. Do u like them?

      1. Most of my make-up collection is the MAC Dazzleglass…like seriously…they have really pretty pinks and the reds…gorgeous!

      2. Personal fav..Money, Honey..Also good ones to try: Love Alert, Roman Holiday, Date Night, Extra Amps and its many others.

    1. Ingen fara! Det finns massvis med smink produkter från Wet n Wild som är lika bra som MAC. Deras paletter är super bra, och deras läppstift är AWSOME! har du testat dom?:)

  3. OMG I am so completely jealous of you the closest thing to a MAC store in my town is Shoppers Drug Mart.. lol

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