Makeup tutorial “Knock On Wood”

1. Apply a primer to your eyelid.
2. Apply a eggplant colour to your entire eyelid up to the crease.
3. Blend out the harsh line with a clean blending brush.
4. Apply a dark coffee brown colour to the outer part of your eyelid.

5. Blend out the eyeshadow.
6. Apply the lid and the crease colour to your bottom lash line. Add a brown eyeliner to your waterline.
7. Apply your eyeliner.
8. Put on some mascara or apply some natural false eyelashes.


Apply your face and lip product and you’re done! On my lips I’m wearing Lumene’s pink nude mixed with Elf’s Natural Nymph.

The palette that was used in this tutorial is Wet n Wild’s Knock On Wood palette. This palette is great, it’s super inexpensive and the colours are amazingly pigmented. Have you tried the Wet n Wild palettes?


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