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Step by step – From day to night

Time to rush home, change outfit and get glamed up for a night out, but time is running and you’re in a hurry. Are you like me? Always stressed out before going out after a long day at school/work. Here are two tips on how to quickly transform your day makeup into a nice evening look:

1. Smoke it out
One way to glam up your day look into a night look, is by adding a dark brown/black eyeshadow to your crease to smoke out the look. Create a winged eyeliner, apply a black kohl pencil to your waterline and add some false lashes for some extra drama!


2. Bold lips
One of the quickest way to transform your day look to a evening look, is by simply creating a rich bold lip. This can really transform your look! I tend to reach for deep red or bright pink lipsticks. Don’t forget to fill in your lips with a lipliner before adding your lipstick, this will make the lipstick last longer on your lips!

How do you transform your day look into a evening look?


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