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Skin care – Removing makeup

Removing your makeup properly at night, is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. To properly remove your makeup allows you skin to breath, which is very important, in order to acheive great skin. The effects of leaving your makeup on overnight, can cause breakouts. The following steps will show you what you will need and how to remove your makeup:

1. Eye makeup remover:

Start by removing youeye makeup, using a eye makeup remover. Apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe the makeup from each eye.

Nivea Visage Gentle Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

2. Cleansing facail wipes:

Gently wipe the areas of your face with your cleansing wipe to remove all your facal products, such as foundation and powders etc.

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleasnising Wipes. Normal to mixed skin

3. Cleansing:

Wet your face and apply your facal cleansing gel/cream. Concentrate this product on the areas where you applied makeup the most heavily, usually on the nose and cheeks. Wash your face and dry with a clean towel.

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Gel. Normal to mixed skin

4. Toner:

Apply a generous amount of toner to a cotten pad and wipe your face. Toner removes all makeup and dirt that the cleanser and makeup remover did not remove!

Neutrogena Toner

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your face!


24 thoughts on “Skin care – Removing makeup

  1. I’ve been trying to find good makeup removers. I trust you since you are makeup savvy and have great skin. thanks for these product suggestions!

  2. When it’s one of those lazy evening i tend to just use the Cleasnising Wipes and wash my face properly in the morning. 🙂 but at least i always take my makeup off before i go to bed.
    *looking proud now LOL
    Doesn’t it happen to all of us every now and then? 😉

    1. Lol! Yes of course, it happens to me too, and I always wake up with some breakouts! Ugh I hate that! I then realize how important it is to really remove your makeup properly.

      1. The cleansing wipes are quite good and prevent from breaking out, even if i dont really wash my face in the evening…maybe im just lucky, even if my skin is quite sensitive…

      2. I use Bebe young care 3 in 1 cleansing wipes ( i think it’s by Johnson&Johnson.)
        I tried the Nivea ones as well, but i found that Bebe wipes just suit my skin better. And it removes really well even the waterproof makeup. Can you find Bebe in your area? Not sure if its sold everywhere…

      3. i guess Nivea is gonna be similar to Bebe. I like it when the wipes are quite moistured and with little texture. Makes it easier to remove everything.

      4. btw i did a little research and i would say if you try the Johnson’s Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes, they should be almost the same as the ones i use by Bebe.

      5. That’s so sweet of you! I have to found out if I can buy them here in Sweden, otherwise I’ll check eBay or something! Thanks 🙂

  3. I love Nivea! I use a lot of their products and I love that I can buy them in a supermarket when I’m with my kids cause I don’t have many time to go around shops 😉 I can’t use any cleansing wipes though – they all burn like hell on my face 😦 Nivea or any other brand and even the delicate ones, too bad cause they are comfy to use and to throw in the purse.

    1. Wow really? Maybe you need to try some that’s for sensitive skin! Some wipes are really drying on my skin but I really love the these wipes:)

      1. I did try for sensitive skin and some of them burn even more!; I don’t know how that’s possible :S For emergency I can e baby wipes hahhhaaa these are delicate enough :d

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