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Beauty Basics: Highlighting & Contouring

When I first started doing makeup I had no clue what highlighting and contouring was. But as I gained more knowledge in makeup, I learned what a difference highlighting and contouring actually does to the face. So in today’s post I will be sharing some basic tips/advice on contouring and highlight.

20121118-110552.jpgClick here to view the full makeup look

Contouring adds definition and structure to the face, which will give the appearance of a slimmer face. There are several products to use when contouring; powders, creams or liquid. For beginners and for a everyday makeup look, I would recommend using a bronzer or a darker shade of face powder for a natural contouring.

Where to contour:
Hollows of your cheeks
Sides of the nose

When highlighting your face, attention will be drawn to those features and will make them stand out. There are shimmery and matte highlighters in powder or liquid formulas. I love using shimmery highlighters, it just gives the skin such a nice glow.

Where to highlight:
Top of the cheekbones
Centre of the forehead
Bridge of the nose

Contouring and highlighting is all about adding shadows and to highlight certain parts of your face, which makes the face look more dimensional. If highlighting and contouring isn’t a part of your makeup routine I definitely think you should give it a try, it certainly will take your makeup to the next level!

A post on advanced highlighting and contouring Kim Kardashian style, shall be posted soon!

Do you contour and highlight your face?
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13 thoughts on “Beauty Basics: Highlighting & Contouring

  1. Love this!! Straight to the point, and right on the money with all the spots to contour, highlight, blush etc. You have great cheekbones πŸ™‚

  2. ..I didn’t but I certainly will now, well actually I did in my own way but the way that you have just shown will certainly be the way that I will do it from now on, starting tomorrow morning!

    Thank you for this post!!! : )

    1. Aw Thank you! What way do you usually do it? Let me know how you feel about highlighting/contouring this way! Thanks for commenting ! xx

  3. Thx this was helpful! But for me when i contour my face from the side looks funny cause i have a small face area so contouring is hard for me but great post anyway!

  4. thanks for posting this! but I have to admit, I am not good at applying any makeup (even mascara, not kidding) but I love makeup and love tutorials about it (I buy makeup because it looks pretty) , but I think I should start doing this ! πŸ™‚ BTW, I googled for the , I read they sell it at Walmart, I might go this week-end & keep you post! πŸ™‚

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