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I ❤ Matte

Hi beauties! I created this makeup look a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve totally forgot to show you! I used my Isadora 50 matte chocolate palette which has five amazing matte eyeshadows. I’m not sure what lip colour to wear with this eye look though, what do you think?




41 thoughts on “I ❤ Matte

      1. You should, Im serious, – start with you friends and people you know, family friends, make a portfolio of all your looks, do a few close friends and family for free so you can show that you can do different skin tones etc- use facebook etc as free advertising, start small and aim big.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I think this look is one of my favorite looks too. I need some inspiration for future makeup looks to create, any ideas? thanks for reading and commenting on my posts hun, really appreciate it! xx

      1. Believe me Nicole, reading and commenting on your blog is a pleasure, I always love your content!

        As far as ideas go…I’ve never seen you do anything 100% colour. You do gorgeous looks where you mix your brights with your neutrals, but I don’t recall seeing anything crazy. I bet you could come up with something really fun!

      2. Thank you sweetie! Yes that so true! I’ve never done a really colorful look..I will try to come up with something, it’s going to be a real challenge though! Thanks for the tip! Xx

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and stunning! Great blending technique too 🙂
    Zena xoxo

  2. Ok, seriously…I wish you lived next door. I NEED you to do my makeup. Oh, and me and my friend are gonna do the school as soon as we get more makeup supplies.

      1. Really excited! I took your suggestion and Youtubed a a video and I learned so much from watching. I just need more tools first. I don’t have nearly enough brushes or eye shadows.

  3. Looks fabulous! How about Rebel lipstick with Nightmoth liner? I think this would fit together 🙂

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