Makeup Swap with Quinngoldie

Kristy over at Quinngoldie and I, decided to do a makeup swap a couple of weeks ago and today I finally received my goodies. Since Kristy lives in New York, she was able to get me products that aren’t available here in Sweden and I bought products to her from Swedish brands. I had really fun shopping for her and I’m sooo excited about my new makeup items!!



I received NYX’s Wicked Dreams palette, which has a total of 24 eyeshadows; some pretty shimmery shades, metallic colours and matte shades in neutral tints, pastel tints and jewel toned tints. The colours are gorgeous and I love the sleek packaging of this palette!

She also got me NYX’s Xtreme Lip Cream in Nude Peach Fuzz. I love NYX’s lip creams they are really pigmented and long lasting.

I received Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as well, which is a great eyeshadow primer. I’m so happy she was able to get me this primer, since I’ve been searching online for this for the longest time!

She was really sweet and sent me two Masque Ology Revitalizing Eye Gel samples, that’s supposed to reduce under eye puffiness. Can’t wait to try these.

Thanks again Kristy!
Check out her blog to see what makeup products I sent her!


20 thoughts on “Makeup Swap with Quinngoldie

  1. I’m so glad you received them! This went super fast! I’ll have my post up in the next day or two. Thanksgiving over here is wearing me out.

    1. Yes I love trying out new products, especially products that aren’t available here! Have you ever done a makeup swap?

      1. Yes many times actually. In fact i have friends all over the world and i think ive done swap’s with many “countries” already. Which included not only makeup, but also tea (ima tea lover), chocolate, cookies ect….its F U N !! 😀

      2. Really how fun!! Since I’m new to the blogging world this was my first swap. I really looking forward to participate in some more!! 🙂

      3. Well those were my friends who i met outside of the bloggeer community, who are also crazy about new makeup products LOL
        But yeah swapping IS fun 🙂 Maybe we can do one sometimes, if we find makeup brands that arent presented in our countries…

      4. You should come & tweet me “luchessa”
        besides its a great way to stay in contact with your readers + finding new intresting blogger. 🙂 just saying…;)

    1. Yes I have and I love it! I have the matte lip cream as well and they are very similar! I need to get some more colours!! xx

  2. Hi, I’ve been thinking about doing a nail polish swap with a girl in america (I’m in Sweden) was there any problem for you mailing nail polish in your swap? (Because I’ve heard there might be trouble because it’s flammable and because of airmail regulations)
    Did you package it any special way or write something on it so that it would travel safely?

    1. Hi Sandra! You speak swedish right? Jag skickade mitt paket med posten och köpte ett grönt vadderat kuvert, jag lindade även in nagellacket med plast. När jag skulle skicka iväg paketet var jag tvungen att fylla in en enkät om vad paketet innehöll etc. Eftersom jag
      främst skickade sminkprodukter(puder
      Produkter och pennor) skrev jag att det endast innehöll smink. Vet därför inte hur det är när det gäller bara nagellack.
      Men fråga de som jobbar på posten hur det är med säkerhet och liknade!

      1. Tack så mycket! 🙂 Det låter som att det inte ska vara några problem då om jag bara förpackar det ordentligt!
        Min pojkvän jobbar faktiskt på posten men var väldigt “Äh öh jag har ingen aning.” Känns i alla fall skönt att det gick bra för dig, så då ska det nog inte vara några problem!

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