It’s giveaway time!! So I started my blog in August this year and since then I’ve reached 13,000+ hits on my blog and i got hundreds of followers. I really want to give a huge thank you to everybody who takes the time of their day to read, like, and comment my posts. I’m so thankful and I really appreciate all your love and support!

This giveaway will be international, since I have followers and readers all over the world and there will be two lucky winners for this giveaway! Here are the prices:

20121128-165345.jpgGold set: Paris Memories nail polish shade 1, Depend Cosmetic’s Manicure set, Wet n Wild’s Coloricon eyeshadow trio in Knock on Wood (one of my favorite palettes)

Silver set: Paris Memories in shade 18, Depend Cosmetic’s Manicure set, Wet n Wild’ Coloricon eyeshadow trio in Don’t Steal My Thunder

How to enter/rules:
1.You need to be a follower of this blog either via WordPress or by email( link to how to follow by email notifications is in the sidebar)
2. Leave a comment in this post, telling me which price you would like to win, the gold or the silver set.

The giveaway will run until December 8th. Once the winners have been picked randomly, I will do a blog post announcing the winners!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

Good luck!!


68 thoughts on “❤GIVEAWAY❤

  1. Oh I woul love to win the gold set! Both are so pretty but I have dark skin and the gold set would suite me better! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the hits! I hope my blog reaches that one day 🙂

  2. I would love to win the gold, but the silver is just as nice! 🙂

    Love the blog. Going to read more now! 🙂

  3. Congrats on hits and followers and I enjoy being one of them to be one of them, thats sounds a bit butt kisserish I know, but its true.

    I would love to enter for the silver set.

  4. Sweetie, that’s so nice of you to do the giveaway. 🙂 And congrats on all the hits on your blog. Thats awesome.
    I’m planning to do a giveaway soon as well to celebrate my upcoming 100 followers 😛 Hope you stay tuned.
    i know i know…”those begginers” 🙂

    I’d love to win the gold set – it’s just the right thing for Xmas 🙂

    1. Thank you dare! Well I consider myself as a beginner as well, only had my blog for 4 months! That’s awesome can’t wait for your giveaway!! And Thanks for entering by the way! xx

      1. lol yeah i already noticed i might be doing something wrong since i have that much less of visitors…LOL wel anyway – i can do it 😛

      2. well i guess it helps if you blog every (or almost) day. Unfortunatelly i don’t have time every day to sit down and blog in the quality i would love to. And to just blog to post something is not my style, if you know what i mean. 😉

  5. I would love the gold 😀 I love the eye shadows, good taste(; congrats on all of the people following, liking, and commenting. I just started mine this september and im interested to see how popular mine gets and if it helps anyone. thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog, you’re definitely going to have a success full blog! thanks for entering btw! xx

    1. Thanks doll!! I wouldn’t reach that number without my readers!! Thank you so much for your support I really appreciate it. xxx

      Thanks for entering btw!

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to win the Gold set! I want to try the Wet n Wild’ trio’s so badly! I cant seem to find them anywhere in the UK! Congrats on such a successful blog your an inspiration! x

    1. Thank you sweetie! No wet n wild isn’t sold in the uk:( but you might find it online! Thanks for entering and good luck! xxxx

  7. Congrats! 🙂 your blog is full of info and glad to be following! 🙂 oh! yeah! let’s not forget, I would love the SILVER set! because the eyeshadow trio looks like if it was meant for me! 🙂 Thank you Nicole for having us participate to this lovely giveaway! 🙂

  8. Hi there, Nicole! Thank you for sharing this wonderful giveaway. I would love to win the gold set to match my tanned complexion.

    I have followed you here in WordPress 🙂

  9. I love to win a golden set as almost all my makeup silver black smokey set , Thanks for the chance

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