I ❤ shopping

❤ Lash haul

I’ve had a weird obsession for false lashes lately, I’ve been wearing long dramatic lashes a lot! It must be due to the holiday season. Anyway,I was out and did some Christmas shopping the other day and found some great deals on false lashes:


These lashes are by a random brand, called Beauty Essential. However I found them in a home decor store for 20SEK only. Whaat?!? That’s so cheap! These pairs are quite natural and great for daytime.

These are from the same brand however these are thicker and obviously more dramatic. Also 20SEK!!

This pair are by Ardell in the style 115. These lashes a so full and over the top, just how I like it! 😉

These are by Ardell as well, but they come individually, which are great for people who already has long lashes, but want them to look thicker.

The final pack of lashes I purchased was from H&M! I didn’t expect such good quality of these lashes, they’re actually very good and inexpensive as well!

If you struggle with applying false lashes I have a full Step-by-Step post here that might be helpful!

Do you wear false lashes?


29 thoughts on “❤ Lash haul

  1. Very nice! I always go crazy when I see lashes on sale! lol, and then I try to savour them like I don’t have 100 pairs…lol They definitely help to glam up any look!
    What’s your favorite lash glue?

    1. Lol yes love lashes, a makeup look never really looks complete without lashes! I love Lash grip by Ardell! It’s great. How about you? What’s your fave?

      Btw! I just had a look at your boutique and I found some really nice stuff! A pair of amazing leopard printed wedges with spikes! OMG!! Do you ship to Sweden?

      1. I haven’t found a lash glue that I really like..I’ve tried a few different brands… I was going to try duo and see how I like it.. everyone else seems to love it.. I can’t remember the name of the one I’ve been using.. it’s clear and it has a brush applicator…
        Awwe, thanks for checking it out! I don’t currently ship outside of North America, but I’m looking to change that in the coming months! I have been looking at new suppliers as well, so hopefully a lot of new hot items will be available in the new year!

      2. I’ve heard that the duo lash glue is bomb! I actually like lash glue that comes with an applicator, that helps me waste less product.

        Oh cool! You definitely have a great eye for fashion! I’m really looking forward shopping at your boutique!

      3. Yea, I’m going to pick some up in the next couple weeks and see how I like it.. I’m trying to get back into my makeup tutorials.. I miss my youtube life…lol
        Yay! I’m looking forward to you being one of my customers! ❤

      4. Didn’t know you were a YouTube girl! Why did You stop? What’s your name on there? I wanna check it out!
        I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel as well!

      5. You should DEFINITELY do one! I’d subscribe to you in a heartbeat!!
        I got so busy, I couldn’t keep up.. among other things…but that’s a very long story for another day! my old channel is http://youtube.com/mizzentice” I’ve started a 2 new channels “http://youtube.com/beefelle” this will be for anything beauty and fashion related. Then I have another one that’ll be my vlog channel.. more videos will be coming shortly!

      6. I’m gonna think about it 🙂 and we’ll see lol! Loved your channels! Can’t wait for your tutorials! xx

      7. Thanks hun! I filmed one on Friday but my cam died… I’m going to take a look at it and see if I can edit what I have and post it.. if so, it will be up by Saturday…

  2. Love me some falsies! But I’ve yet to go on a haul as awesome as yours. By the way, I will definitely have to try H&M’s lashes- they sound pretty good.

    1. Me too!! Yes you should definitely try them, I’ve heard that H&M’s lashes usually such but these are amazing! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Wow that really is an obsession hehe!! I live falses but only ones that look like real lashes. Of course bigger an linger but not keen on platic looking ones on me. My fave make are millie makintosh lashes! They are dramatic but beautiful and so easy to apply! Xxx

  4. Wow those are a lot of fake eyelashes :O hehe I don’t wear them a lot, only when I have to d a certain look or style. Btw I nominated you for beautiful blogger award 🙂 xx

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