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Step-by-step: Holiday look #3

So this is my third makeup look in my Holiday makeup series. This look is a super easy makeup look, and will suit all the ladies that want a easy yet gorgeous holiday look.


1. Start by priming the eyelid, using an eyeshadow primer.
2. Apply a beige/cream coloured eyeshadow to the lid.
3. Apply the same colour on the brow bone.
4. With a blending brush, take a brown eyeshadow and apply this in the crease.
5. Create a thick winged eyeliner. Tutorial here
6. Apply a thin layer of gold glitter above the eyeliner.
7. Apply the crease colour to the bottom lash line and apply a gel/kohl eyeliner to the waterline.
8. Apply the same glitter to the inner part of the eye and add some false lashes or apply mascara. Here’s a false lash tutorial.

Hope you like it!


21 thoughts on “Step-by-step: Holiday look #3

      1. you look gorgeous too sweety 🙂 cant wait to post it tonight, sorry for replying late

  1. Love it!!! I think I already told you…but I love glitter! lol I like how simple and glam this look is at the same time!

  2. I love this look. It’s just enough sparkle to really pop without overwhelming your gorgeous face. I recently posted about my favorite Winter face products and I’d love to hear what yours are.

  3. Oh yes. I didn’t see this one before it is so similarI will try it your way. You know what they say great minds think a like. xxx

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