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Review: BH Cosmetics Party Girl palette

I recently received some amazing makeup items from BH Cosmetics that I will be sharing and reviewing today. Many of you might be familiar with BH Cosmetics already and know that they offer a wide variety of different palettes, the products are usually very inexpensive but with great quality.

BH Party Girl palette:


The Party Girl palette comes in a sturdy, black and sleek packaging. The palette is very travel friendly and would easily fit in a purse.



This platte contains 40 colours in a mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. With 40 eyeshadows in a wide range of colours, this palette allows me to create a number of different makeup looks using one palette only. And the fact that the palette has some odd and interesting colours such as red, yellow and turquoise makes this palette even more diverse, which I love.

Upon the swatches in the picture above the colours does not come up as very vibrant, that’s why I wish the colours where a lot more pigmented. An eyeshadow base is therefore definitely needed.

The best part about the Party Girl palette is that it’s very affordable! The palette is currently on sale and retails for $8,98 only which is 50% of the regular price. Getting 40 eyeshadows for $8,98 is an amazing bargain! This palette is limited edition and I’m not sure for how long BH cosmetics will be selling this palette nor how long the palette will be on sale.

I’m very pleased with this palette overall, and considering the price and the amazing range of colours I think everyone, no matter makeup style, will have great use out of this palette. I will definitely be sure to share some step-by-step post using this palette!

If you would like to learn more about BH Cosmetics you can also find them on twitter and Facebook.
BH Cosmetics Facebook page
BH Cosmetics Twitter

Have you tried any products from BH Cosmetics?
Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer: This palette was sent to me from BH cosmetics for a review, however this does not effect my personal views. This review was all in my honest opinion based on my personal experience.


24 thoughts on “Review: BH Cosmetics Party Girl palette

  1. Omg I want the party girl palette so bad I’ve heard nothing but great things from bh cosmetics from multiple resources. So I think I’m just gonna get it I am craving bh cosmetics. Love this post girl!!!

  2. I haven’t tried anything from BH cosmetics, but this looks like a great palette with many colors to choose from. I also love that it’s small enough to fit in a purse 🙂

    Kathleen of

  3. This is exactly the type of pallet I need. I’ve never heard of this line before. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yes these sorts of palettes are great! Especially if you’re a beginner, so many colour so play around with. You should definitely try their stuff out now during their sale!

    1. Thank you! Yes it actually is! Can’t remember which colour it was in the palette though lol! thanks for commenting and following! x

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