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Glam Queen

Hi guys! I came up with this look today and I thought I’d show you! This particular style is called Cut Crease, and it’s quite tricky to do in my opinion, but I actually like how it came out! What do you think of this look?



Makeup Store’s glitter in Ufo
88 eyeshadow palette
H&M Lashes

DIY tinted moisturizer
Mac’s Minerals Skinfinish in Gold Deposit

YSL #7 Lingerie Pink Review here

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Instagram: Niicolea


54 thoughts on “Glam Queen

    1. Thank you sweetie! I cleaned up the line in the crease using my white eyeshadow base and a angled brush. I think I might do a tutorial showing how I did this look! 🙂

  1. love this!! Its done so neatly! I’ve practiced this look on myself and have the pics waiting to go on a future post :p woo! xx

    1. Thank you:) yay can’t wait too see yours! I’ve been practicing this type of look for so long and I finally got it right lol! xx

    1. This style takes a lot of practice!! But I’ll try to recreate it and do a tutorial! Thanks for commenting sweetie! xx

      1. Thank you! I did everything myself very recently. My business is my baby and I am working hard to let people know about it. Feel free to let others know about my store ( and by blog. (
        Thank you so much for your support! Your are doing amazing things with makeup and I am happy I found your blog. I can now learn from you 🙂

  2. I love this!!! You mos def should think about doing this for a living. You have a real talent!

  3. Hi! I come from Mammu’s blog…your blog is really cool! I like all your make-up, they are wonderful! I’ll follow you, so maybe I can learn something and copy some how.

  4. ahhhh how do you do that!! it is very clever and looks absolutely amazing! very jealous of your eyeshadow skills! you’ve given me inspiration to try out looks on myself as eyeshadow application is one of my weaker areas…so damn difficult!

    1. Aw thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff;) I’ve been practicing this particular look for ages it’s very tricky! Just keep practicing girl! 🙂 x

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