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How I coloured my hair

If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve already seen my new hair colour. I was getting bored with the dark hair and I needed a change! so I decided to dye (actually bleach) my hair extensions myself. I went for the ombré effect, which has been a huge trend for a while now.

Products I used:

Eternal Beauty’s Cream Developer 40 Volume

Trulites Rapid Blue Powder Bleach

I mixed the powder bleach with the developer into a creamy paste. I applied it to my extensions starting by the ends of the hair working my way up towards the middle. I left it in for 20 minutes, rinsed it,shampooed and conditioned it.

The results:

I really like how my hair came out! It gives my completion a much warmer feel and definitely gives my hair a lift.


What do you think of my new hair colour?

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29 thoughts on “How I coloured my hair

  1. I love it!!! I did the same kind of thing a few months ago but ended up yellow! WIll definitely have a go at doing it your way, you look amazing!!

    1. Thank you! Oh did you use a regular hair colour bleach? I was afraid my hair would turn out orange but I was really lucky I guess! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It depends on what colour your hair is, but you should definitely try it if you want a nice and quick change 🙂

  2. Hey hun, I’ve been reading up on lightening hair and I’m not sure if it’s a well known trick but you can use lemon juice on your hair to naturally lighten it with the sun and help keep the colour.
    Your hair looks gorgeous, definitely doesn’t look home done!
    Hope the UK is treating you well xx

    1. I’ve never heard of it! But I do use lemon juice to lighten up my acne scares on my skin! I’ve done a blogpost about I! So using lemon juice to lighten your hair would probably work! I might try this when I go on vacation! Thanks for sharing:)
      Yes I absolutely love it here!!xx

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