RiRi ❤loves M.A.C

Rihanna’s first collection with MAC cosmetics was launched yesterday and I just ordered her lipstick RiRi Woo. This lipstick is apparently based on MAC’s beloved Ruby Woo lipstick (my all time favorite red lipstick) but with RiRi Woo being a slightly deeper and bluer tone of red. I’m super exicted to try the lipstick and I can’t wait until it’s here!
Rihanna RiRi for Mac Ririwoo Lipstick
Are you going to try any products in this collection?


23 thoughts on “RiRi ❤loves M.A.C

  1. Is this Ruby Woo with her name on it? Or is it a different shade. I know she adores Ruby Woo, so it’s possible she just labelled it with her name even though it might be the same as Ruby Woo?

    1. I’ve read that it’s a deeper tone of red, but very similar to Ruby Woo! We’ll see when I get it and I’ll be sure to compare it with Ruby Woo!

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