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Hair Talk: My Natural Hair + Hair Growth Challenge

Hello loves!
As you know or may not know, I wear weaves and have been wearing sew-in weaves and extensions for years. People always get surprised by my natural hair, so I wanted do blog post about my real hair and answering questions that I constantly get regarding my natural hair.

When I was younger I had no clue how to properly take care of my natural hair – I used get my hair relaxed regularly and apply heat constantly without using any kind of heat protector. A few years ago I decided to stop straightening my natural hair, and only wear my sew-in weaves. To my surprise my hair started to grow like crazy.

20131111-185244.jpgMy natural hair wet

I have now come to a stage where my hair is at its longest and I am eager to see how long it can get. I realx my hair twice a year and I have not straightened my natural hair in two years apart from my leave-out when I wear my sew-ins.

1. Why do you wear weaves when your hair is already long?
I love the fact that I am able to do whatever hairstyle or colour I want with my weave, without damaging my natural hair. Sew-ins are protective hairstyles that basically protects my natural hair and when my hair is protected from heat, like I mentioned, my hair grows.
2. Why do you never wear your natural hair out?
I love changes and I usually get extremely bored with one hairstyle for a long time, with my weaves I can change hairstyle much more often and again without damaging my natural hair. I do wear my natural hair out, but as I’m not happy with the length of my hair I wear my weaves more often.

My natural hair dry

So I am up for this “hair growth challenge” that I wanted to share with you. I will continue to wear my weave but start taking care of my natural hair under my weave a lot better. So stay tuned for length checks, updates and much more of my natural hair.


17 thoughts on “Hair Talk: My Natural Hair + Hair Growth Challenge

  1. Yay girl! But it dont get it, the curly ends of ur hair in the first pic, is that your natural curl pattern? since u said it is relaxed??

    Either way ur hair is gorgeous 🙂 och ja fattar va du menar me protective styles, men ditt har e verkligen asfint already o long enough x

    1. Tack gumman:) I want it longer and thicker tho 🙂 And no that’s not my natural curl pattern, the relaxer makes my curls a lot looser. x

      1. hey love i only use “as i am” coconut co wash cleansing conditioner and then i use any silicone free conditioner for my drug mart so i use organix coconut conditioner and it doesn’t have harsh chemicals lol very simple but your hair has grown so long i think i should do something to protect my hair for a while too xx

  2. Well, I love curly hair. And mine is straight but not as straight as I would like! I would die for naturally curly hair!
    I rot for you in your challenge, Nic!!! ❤ (I'm trying to grow out my hair too!) I know that coconut oil is amazing for hair growth! 😉

  3. Your hair is gorgeous!! I feel the same way as you about wearing weave. I have long hair (not as long as yours) but I love to wear my extensions. Reading this really makes me want to get a sew-in, since I’m trying to grow my hair longer.

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