What’s in My Travel Makeup bag?

Pink Samsonite Sahora Luggage

As you can see in the picture above, I always bring quite a lot of make up with me when I’m traveling, that is because I like to be able to do any makeup look I want wherever I am. In addition to my makeup, I of course bring my beauty and skin care products (you can check out my daily skin care routine here).

The fact that I bring a lot of makeup and beauty products requires me to have a good bag. Direct Luggage offers quality luggage in all sizes as well as great luggage for traveling and storage, such as the Mossman trunks which is ideal for makeup storage.

What’s in your travel makeup bag?


14 thoughts on “What’s in My Travel Makeup bag?

  1. Funnily enough when I travel I don’t take a lot of products with me, just one product for each use. However it depends were I am going, if I travel in winter especially during the holiday festivities, I would take more make up than usual, but in summer I love keeping it light 😀

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