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♡ e.l.f haul – makeup artist essentials

When I started doing makeup Eye Lips & Face (e.l.f) was one of my favourite websites to shop at for cheap and great makeup. Apart from affordable makeup for beginners e.l.f also has products for pro makeup artists. I decided to place an order while e.l.f was having a 40% sale on everything on the website, and I ended up buying some products for my makeup kit. Here are the items that I purchased:
e.l.f Makeup artist Brush belt
I was in need of a new brush belt, so I ordered this black brush belt.
e.l.f Mascara and Lipgloss wands
As a makeup artist one of the most essential makeup items in your kit is disponsable applicators for both mascara and lip product, these applicators are perfect for a quick hygenic use for any makeup artist.
e.l.f Small Stipple Brush & Angled Contour Brush
Although I wasn’t really in need of more brushes for my kit I had to have these brushes. I think I will use these brushes for highlithing and contouring
e.l.f Blending Wedges
These applicators are great for applying foundation on clients. They work best when they are damp!

What are your favourite makeup products from e.l.f?


4 thoughts on “♡ e.l.f haul – makeup artist essentials

  1. I highly recommend ELF’s High Definition translucent setting powder and their under eye concealer. I do photo shoots for one of my friends periodically and I’ve found that both of these products work well on a lot of skin tones. Their Studio line blushes are also really beautiful.

  2. Yes the ELF HD setting powder will give a white cast to the face in flash photos. But, the yellow HD powder doesn’t seem to be as bad. Although, on fair skin it can look, well Yellow, on the skin. Almost like paint.

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