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♡ Mink Lash Haul/Review from

Hello beauties 🙂

You all know by now that I LOVE false eyelashes! Since I wasn’t blessed with natural long eyelashes so I definitely need those false lashes for sure. I got really excited when I recently recieved a package from they offers an exclusive line of beautiful 100% genuine crualty-free mink lashes. kindly sent me two pairs of false mink lashes to try out.

So let’s start of by talking about the gorgeous packaging. The lashes comes in a super cute box and was wrapped with pink paper – so girly! I like 🙂
IMG_7465 (2)
Gorgeous packaging

Along with the lashes I also got an instruction sheet as well as the “Lovely Lash Care Kit”. The kit includes:
1 Wonder-bond – False Lash Adhesive with applictor wand. The adhesive is available in white (dries clear) and black. The lash glue dries qick and it’s waterproof.
1 Strip-Ease Lash Serum – False Lash Adhesive Remover & Lash Beautifying serum. The serum gently removes false lashes and stubborn lash adhesive residue.
1 Disposable Mascara Wand
IMG_7487 (2)
The Lovely Lash Care Kit

I recieved two pairs of lashes – the “Lizzie” lashes and the “Freya” lashes. The lashes are 100% genuine mink lashes and they are my first pair of mink lashes.
IMG_7466 (2)

IMG_7478 (2)
“Lizzie” mink lashes

The “Lizzie” lashes are styled to provided a dramatic and full look – the perfect lashes for a evening smokey look. The lashes are double lashes and flares out at the ends, which will give your eyes a cat-eye look.
IMG_7479 (2)
“Freya” mink lashes

The “Freya” lashes are wispy lashes that are volumizing and fierce looking. These lashes are great for a evening look but for a fearless diva they will looks fab with a more natural day time look as well.

After trying the “Lizzie” lashes I sure noticed a difference between regular lashes and the mink lashes. The mink lashes are truly of great quality and natural looking. The lashes were unbelievable comfortable and lighweight.

Me wearing the “Lizzie” lashes

Eyewearlashes offer a ” free membership & reward program”,so all money spent at is put right back onto your account to be put towards product discounts. Lastly I want share a coupon code: “niicolea” that will give you 15% off your next order.

Instagram: @eyewearlashesco

Have you tried mink lashes?


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