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♡ Review: Plush Extensions Peruvian Deep Wavy

If you follow me on Instagram (@niicolea) you probably know that I wore curly hair a few weeks ago, and I was supposed to review the hair after I installed it. However due to technical problems this hair review was delayed. Everything is back in order now and I finally managed to film my very first hair review video on Youtube (see video below).

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This gorgeous curly hair is from Plush Extensions and I was kindly sent the peruvian deep wavy hair in 16″,18″, 20″ and a 16″ lace closure. I actually decided to sew the hair and the lace closure onto a wig cap and make it to an u-part wig with the lace closure. So yep I’m wearing a wig! The reason I didn’t do a sew-in with the hair is because I want to be able to take care of my natural hair and also prevent the curly hair from getting tangled and matted. I will make a blog post regarding u-part wigs and weaves very soon, so look out for that!

The Peruvian Deep Wavy hair

As this is a wig I do not sleep with it, which makes the curly hair much easier to maintain. Since the curls are deep wavy it requires high maintenance, such as detangling and moisturizing etc. Deep wavy and kinky curly hair also tend to tangle and shedd more easily than other hair textures. The peruvian deep wavy hair does shedd a bit but since that’s normal for curlier hair textures it is something that isn’t bothering me. I did however experience more shedding in the lace closure than the rest of the bundles when washing the hair prior to making the wig.

I have no clue what the exact measurement of the lace closure is, but it is quite a small closure. I have sort of a love/hate relationship with lace closures – you definitely need to have talent to make them look realistic. I personally think it looks awful when the closure is visible and you can spot where the lace closure is. I’ve had some bad experiences with lace closures before, but this time I think I did an ok job making the closure realistic, since people are actually asking me if the hair is mine! To make the lace closure look more like a natural parting I bleached the knots of the lace closure so that it would match my scalp. I also use a tweezer to tweeze out and to make the actual parting. The only products I use on the hair is argon oil and to activate the curls I co-wash (washing the hair only using conditioner) the hair and just leave it to air dry.

After co-washing the hair

As far as shipping, I was very pleased with the 1,5 week it took for the hair to get here. Plush Extensions is based in America and as you know I live in Sweden so I think 1,5 week was very fast for international shipping. I must say that this hair is probably the most natural looking hair I have ever tried, and like I said people think the hair is my natural hair, I wish haha! The curls are gorgeous and I am in love with this hair, it’s definitely some big diva hair!

Plush Extensions offer 100% virgin human hair of different origins and textures. As you know I received the Peruvian loose wavy hair from Plush Extension almost a year ago and that I absolutely love. Check out the initial review here and the final review here. The prices at Plush Extensions are very affordable and they also offer amazing bundle deals. If you are looking for gorgeous quality hair I would definitely suggest checking out Plush Extensions.

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What do you think of this curly hair?


3 thoughts on “♡ Review: Plush Extensions Peruvian Deep Wavy

  1. Thank you for reviewing Peruvian human hair extensions, I’ve been interested in getting some for a while now so your blog post was very helpful. I like how you explained the maintenance process you wen through every day so that the extensions looked good everyday. I hope I can find some that match my hair style and color soon.

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