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Product Review Thursday – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit

Hello readers 🙂

Today’s blog post will be the first post for my new “Product Review Thursday” series, where I will be reviewing different makeup and beauty products every Thursday. So be ready every Thursday for a new review post.

The first blog post for the new series will be a review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit. Everyone has probably heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills by now, especially about all their brow products and their infamous contour palettes. Here’s the Brow Genius Kit:




The brow kit comes with a small jar of loose powder, a waterproof clear gel, a double-ended angled brush/brow brush and a instruction sheet. The first step to use this kit is to pour some of the powder and then ad the clear gel to get a creamy paste to fill in your eyebrow with. The angled brush is great for applying the paste and then blend with the spoolie.

I got this Brow Genius kit over a year ago and when I initially tried the product I wasn’t a big fan of the product at all. I have later tried to use the product multiple times in hopes that I would like it, but truthfully I don’t like this brow kit at all. The gel mixed with the powder just makes it hard to create natural looking brows. The creamy paste (see pic below) dries very quickly which makes it hard to blend the paste with your natural brow. Apart from that I actually like the concept of the kit – but I don’t feel like this is a “genius” brow kit.


I had a look at Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website and surprisingly I couldn’t find this particular brow kit, but as I mentioned I received the kit over a year ago so it might be discontinued. So as far as the price for the brow kit, I’m not sure how much it retails for. In conclusion I would not recommend this particular brow kit 😦 Anastasia Beverly Hills has other great brow products though that I would check out 🙂

Have you tired this brow kit?


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