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Review | Revlon 9 Super Lustrous Lip Cube

In my recent haul post I showed you the Revlon 9 Super Lustrous Lip Cube, and a few of you requested a review and swatches. Based on the few products I have from Revlon I think it’s a great “drugstore” brand. I specifically like the Colorstay Foundation as well as the concealer. I only have one lipstick from Revlon in my makeup collection that I love! So can you imagine how excited I got when I saw this Lip Cube.
The Lip Cube contains 9 full size lipsticks. Seven lipsticks have a pearl finish and two lipsticks are creme finish. The frost finish lipsticks have a silvery frosty finish and are quite sheer, which reminds me of MAC frost finish lipsticks. The formula is nice and soft and keeps your lips moisturised. However I’m not a huge fan of frost finish lipsticks at all, I just don’t think they look good on me.The two creme finish lipsticks on the other hand are more pigmented and vibrant, and remind me of amplified finish lipsticks from MAC. The packaging of all lipsticks are sleek and the gold gives the lipsticks a more luxurious feel.

Since I don’t particularly like frost finish lipsticks and the majority of the lipsticks are frosty, I must say that I’m disappointed with this purchase. I expected this Lip Cube to come with different finishes:( The two creme finish lipsticks (Rum Raisin & Love That Red) are definitely my favourites in this Lip Cube. Overall the concept of the Lip Cube is great and would be perfect for someone who loves frost finish lipsticks.

Lip swatches:

Which lipstick is your fave? What do you think of frost lipsticks? Yay or nay?


35 thoughts on “Review | Revlon 9 Super Lustrous Lip Cube

  1. The champagne on ice looks gorgeous! I saw frost eyeshadows the other day and can I just say that I am really loving all these frost products. They look perfect for the winter

  2. I’m not a fan of frost lipsticks, but these look very nice! Maybe it also depends on skin tone, they all look gorgeous on you *.* All this kind of lippies I tried looked weird on me!

    1. I think they look nicer in this photo than in real life for some strange reason lol! I wish all of them were cremes or matte finish :(:(

  3. WOW! These are ALL your colors girl, you can rock ever single one. I absolutely love coffee bean and ice amethyst! GORGGG <333 what a cute little cube of lipsticks too, never heard of this before 🙂


  4. I so understand why they’re not your favourites. Your swatches are great, but the frosty finish is… I don’t know… nothing really. In all honesty, I wonder who buys frosty lipsticks. They looked dated 30 years ago…

    The creamy finishes are very nice – especially Rum Raisin!

    1. I agree! I was soo disappointed! I hoped for at least 3 or 4 matte and creme finish lipsticks. But oh well 😦 thanks for stopping by btw xx

  5. I’m sorry but I really HATE glossy sparkly lipsticks i was so mad because I bought a lipstick in the perfect color but it was GLOSSY and SPARKLY😑😫

    These colors are just so pretty tho 😍 but that would be the only thing preventing me

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