Review | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip (swatches)

By now I’m sure you all have heard of ColourPop, which is an American brand that sell super affordable makeup products. I managed to get some of the popular Ultra Matte Lippies through my friend Sally who was in the US a few months ago.

IMG_9109 (2)
From top: Trap, Beeper, Kapaow, LAX, Avenue, Zipper & Be-Dazzled

Let me start of by saying that I love the fact that ColourPop has wide range of colours and undertones suitable for every skintone. The Ultra Matte Lip are super pigmented and I found them to be very long lasting. One issue I noticed with these lipsticks is the consistency- the formula is thin and watery and the lipsticks take a while before they dry matte. These lipsticks are definitely called “Ultra Matte” for a reason – they dry into a super matte finish. They can get a bit dry at times, so I would recommend moisturizing the lips before applying these lippies.

Lip swatches

 As far as the prices for these, I believe they are $6 each and definitely worth a try! I’m kind of sad that ColourPop still doesn’t have international shipping, but overall I love these lipsticks and will do my best to get my hands on some more of these Ultra Matte lipsticks!

Have you tried these lippies? Which colour is your fave?



28 thoughts on “Review | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip (swatches)

  1. The number one thing I was worried about with color pop was if the lip stick would match my skin tone tbh. So I’m glad that they will look good lol. And 6$ each!! That’s So good 😍😭💁🏽. When you applied a lipstick moisturizer before applying was their any difference because I know with some of my lipsticks if I do that it looks really different



    1. Not really, I like to apply just a little bit of lip balm to moisture my lips. And yes they have lipsticks for every complexion 😬😘💗

  2. LOVEEEE Colourpop. I have them shipped through Shipito. I ordered 10 UM’s and it cost me $19 shipping which is about £14 here in the UK. Wish I would have ordered Trap too now though. Such a pretty colour.

      1. So when you sign up, they give you an address in America to ship your products to. The address includes a number which is a reference belonging to you. When you place orders you use this address. Once Shipito receive your order they notify you with pictures of your package. You then choose your shipping options (they give you lots) choose insurance if you wish, then they ship it to you. My package arrived 2 days after I paid for shipping to the uk using Fed Ex Priority. I will defo use them again.

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