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Review | Peruvian Body Wave from Aliexpress

Hi beauties! So I decided to place my very first order on Ali Express a few months ago. I ordered four bundles (24″x4) and a lace closure (18″) of virgin Peruvian body wave hair from a vendor called Found Beauty Hair. The shipping from China was super-fast and it only took 2-3 days for the package to come to Sweden.

body wave (2)
Peruvian Body Wave from Found Beauty Hair on Ali Expres

Once I received the hair I washed the hair with conditioner before sewing the hair onto a wig-cap. The texture of the hair is “body wave” which means that the hair should be slightly wavy, but after the first wash the waves were gone and the hair was bone straight. While washing the hair I also noticed a nasty chemical smell, which goes to say that the hair was probably processed. Nevertheless the bundles were quite thick and I ended up only using three bundles of hair with the lace closure.


As far as shedding goes, this hair sheds a tone and the hair tangles like crazy :(. As you may understand, I’m not very pleased with the quality of the hair and my first experience with Ali Express wasn’t the best!  I would definitely not recommend this vendor. Please share if you have any experience with any hair vendors from Ali Express ❤



22 thoughts on “Review | Peruvian Body Wave from Aliexpress

  1. I did my order about 10 days ago and I’m still waiting to receive my items. I bought make-p brushes and also some items for my hair, but aboveall for braids. I’ll show you everything…when (and if) I receive them!

  2. i see a lot of people ordering from ali express and I’ve had nothing but trouble with it from the get go. I never recommend aliexpress to anyone. I would try and look up websites that specifically cater to black hair, they tend to have tons of cheap and better quality for weaves/braids/wigs/etc. I’m currently looking to get a braided wig myself:)

    1. Yes I’ve heard both good and bad things about aliexpress. Will definitely look on other hair websites next time, do you have any recommendations? x

      1. ebay is always fairly decent and you have their buyer protection in case anything goes wrong. I’ve had much more success on there. You can get bundles of remy really cheap

  3. I’ve never ordered from ali express, but I hear that’s a common experience. There are a few vendors that I’m interested in and will check out soon. Awesome review.

    1. You should check out reviews from the vendors you are interested in on YouTube! I did the mistake of not researching the vendor before I purchased from them 😦

  4. Very nice looking hair. I also have lot of ali express collection in my blog. Enjoy daily updates.

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