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Review | IQ Natural Skin Care

A few months ago I was recieved a package with two skincare products from IQ Natrual Skin Care, which is an online store with all-natural products and organic ingredients. Since my skin is farily sensitive I always try to choose natural skincare products, so I really looked forward trying out the Clear Oil Balacing Mask and Rested Eye Brightener Gel.

“We choose to use organic ingredients whenever possible to make our products as pure and powerful as nature allows” –

IQ Natural Clear Oil Balacing Mask IMG_9581 (2)

This mask is a clarifying mask that is supposed to clear acne and blemishes, eliminate breakouts, heal acne scars and discolorations, and moisturize dry, patchy skin. With my combination skin, I feel like this product is prefect for my skintype. After using the mask, my skin feels moisturized and my dry and patchy areas feel super soft. As far as clearing the skin,this product, along with the other clarifying products, have helped clear my blemishes and discoloration.

IQ Natrual Clear Oil Balacing Mask

IQ Natural Rested Eye Brightener Gel

This eye brightening gel is meant to brighten your eyes and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, puffy eyes and bags. I must say that this eye gel is my new fave! The formula of the gel is amazing and really gets rid of bags. IMG_9596The gel contains natural ingredients and smells like a fresh cucumber. After using the gel for quite some time, I have not only noticed that my bags are reducing, but also that my eyelashes are growing and are much thicker and longer.


After using these products for a few months I must say I’m really happy with the products from IQ Natural Skin Care. The online store offers both skin care and makeup with all-natural ingridients with reasonable prices. Have you tried any products from IQ Natural?

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One thought on “Review | IQ Natural Skin Care

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