Fashion | Top 5 online stores

I pretty much shop everything online – clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, EVERYTHING. I just love how easy online shopping is and that you can get super trendy and affordable items. Soo, in this blogpost I decided to share my top 5 all-time favourite places to shop at online (in no particular order).

missguided is a website that I have been shopping at for years, I seriously think half of my wardrobe is from Missguided LOL. It’s definitely my go-to place to shop for all type of occasion, but I mainly love shopping for holiday and party outfits. Missguided is always first on new trends for affordable prices. The quality of the clothes are generally good, but I have noticed that the more expensive the item is, the better quality.

nelly is a new favourite of mine and I mainly shop at Nelly for casual work clothes. If you are unfamiliar with Nelly, it’s a online store similar to ASOS with different brands and they also sell their own brands. I usually shop from their own brand NLY Trend and NLY One. I like the quality of the clothes and their pricing are affordable. Nelly is a Swedish online store which means that the shipping to me is normally super fast – that’s always a plus.

boohoo is a store I have shopped at for years, it’s my go-to online store when I need new casual outfits. I love how inexpensive the items are and it’s always possible to get a great discount to save some coins. Boohoo usually have trendy items but the quality is not always the best, which is not something that bothers me – you really get what you pay for.

asos-logo is one of those online stores that I like to shop at if I know what I’m looking for. Because of all the different brands on the site, it usually takes time to find something if your are just browsing around. However, I do love that I get the option to choose from loads of different brands. I usually go for brands that aren’t available where I live, e.g. River Island. ASOS’ own brands also have many great items. is my favourite store to shop at for trendy pieces. I like that the website sell affordable items with great quality. I normally shop for party outfits on the website as well as accessories.

Which online store is your favourite to shop at?


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