How to: 4 ways to get more readers to your blog

Marketing is a key element when it comes to growing a blog and increasing the numbers of readers. However, marketing is not the only challenge when blogging – to convert new visitors to frequent readers is also a challenge. So let’s talk about a few essential tools and strategies to make new visitors come back to your blog.

Produce good content! This might seem obvious but making sure the content is easy to understand is important – you want your readers to easily know what you kind of content you offer. Also producing content that your readers can learn from or get inspiration from. You should ask yourself: “Is this content that make readers want to come back?”.

What do your readers want?
Find out what your readers enjoy reading. Try out different content to determine what your readers enjoy the most – try tutorials, videos, reviews, How-to posts. You can also check your statistics to see your top blog posts and most searched keywords. Asking your readers what they want to read more of is also a great strategy to know what content to produce. This strategy will also make your readers more engaged.

Guide your readers
If the reader likes your content or wants to see a related post, a visible search box is an effective tool to make the reader find the content they want. Having a clear structure with different categories will also help you guide the reader to other posts. This can also be done in new blog posts, where you link to related post.

Email marketing is said to be crucial for a successful online business. So why not apply this to blogging? Newsletters is a form of email marketing and is a great tool to make readers come back to your blog. You can send weekly or monthly newsletters describing what your blog has to offer. This newsletter may include tips, related reading or information about coming content. This requires less time and fewer resources than a daily blast, and newsletters often don’t require much design.

How do you get more readers to visit your blog?


4 thoughts on “How to: 4 ways to get more readers to your blog

  1. This is a really useful post, I went on a hiatus for almost 12 months and as I am just getting back in to it with a rebrand I am trying to restore my skills.

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