Makeup | How to make your nose look smaller

Happy Easter beauties! Today I wanted to show how to get your nose look slimmer. This is one of my favourite step when applying makeup – by simple contouring and highlighting parts of your nose will make a total different. In the picture down below I show you how I get my nose looking slimmer using… Continue reading Makeup | How to make your nose look smaller


Makeup | How to Strobe (step-by-step)

Hi beauties! In my latest makeup look I posted, I was requested by Raven Alexis from Stylish Ranter to do a tutorial on how to get glowy skin or how to  do “strobing”. As you might have seen in my previous makeup looks, I love to add loads of shimmer to make my skin look luminous and dewy. I have recently… Continue reading Makeup | How to Strobe (step-by-step)

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Makeup | Step-by-step Purple & Silver Smokey Eye 

Today’s blog post is a “step-by-step” tutorial of another fall makeup look –  silvery smokey eye with a hint of purple and dark lips.  I used to do these “how to apply eyeshadows” posts back when I first started my blog, and today I finally decided to do another one. Please let me know if you… Continue reading Makeup | Step-by-step Purple & Silver Smokey Eye 

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♡ Makeup tutorial: Glitter Smokey Eye

Heeey 🙂 Here’s my latest makeup tutorial – grey smokey eye with glitter, that I just uploaded on my YouTube channel. I seriously want to start making YouTube videos where I’m actually talking but the feeling of just sitting in front of a camera speaking to yourself is so awkward haha! Like where do I… Continue reading ♡ Makeup tutorial: Glitter Smokey Eye


Eyebrow Talk & Updated Eyebrow Pictorial

I have recently become obsessed with eyebrows, I don’t the reason for it but it’s probably after seeing this picture (see below) of celebs without their eyebrows lol. Eyebrows are just a must and it makes such a difference by slightly filling them in. My eyebrow routine is probably the most requested tutorial – so… Continue reading Eyebrow Talk & Updated Eyebrow Pictorial

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Step-By-Step: Teal Smokey Eye

I was requested to do a pictorial on the look I had in one of my Makeup Of The Day looks (see the look here) hope you like it and let me know if you try the look. xx Step-by-step: 1. After priming the eyelids and applying a eyeshadow base, apply a reddish brown eyeshadow… Continue reading Step-By-Step: Teal Smokey Eye

Makeup Looks · Picturorials/step-by-step

Step-by-step: Neutral cut crease with a pop of color

Hi loves! I just realized that I haven’t done a step-by-step post in a very long time, so this is what I came up with today. Let me know what you think! Step-by-step: 1. Start by priming the eyelid to prevent the eyeshadows from creasing. Apply a white base to the entire eyelid. 2. Pat… Continue reading Step-by-step: Neutral cut crease with a pop of color