Product Reviews

Review | Royal Coffee Scrub Coconut

As you know, I love trying out skincare products with all-natural ingredients from different skincare brands. Today’s product that is being reviewed, is a coffee scrub from Natruelle Cosmetics, which is a family-owned  company  based in UK that offers natural and organic beauty products. Som ni vet älskar jag att prova hudvårdsprodukter med naturliga ingredienser från olika hudvårdsmärken.… Continue reading Review | Royal Coffee Scrub Coconut

Skin Care

Skin Care | Dermaroller Treatment

You have probably heard of Dermaroller treatment before. It’s also called micro-needling or skin needling, and it’s a method of skincare designed to get rid of surface imperfections in your skin. You might think that it sounds like the perfect solution for your minor blemishes, old acne scars, or other imperfections. But it’s important to… Continue reading Skin Care | Dermaroller Treatment

Skin Care

Skin care – Removing makeup

Removing your makeup properly at night, is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. To properly remove your makeup allows you skin to breath, which is very important, in order to acheive great skin. The effects of leaving your makeup on overnight, can cause breakouts. The following steps will show you… Continue reading Skin care – Removing makeup