Makeup | How to make your nose look smaller

Happy Easter beauties! Today I wanted to show how to get your nose look slimmer. This is one of my favourite step when applying makeup – by simple contouring and highlighting parts of your nose will make a total different. In the picture down below I show you how I get my nose looking slimmer using… Continue reading Makeup | How to make your nose look smaller

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Makeup | Step-by-step Purple & Silver Smokey Eye 

Today’s blog post is a “step-by-step” tutorial of another fall makeup look –  silvery smokey eye with a hint of purple and dark lips.  I used to do these “how to apply eyeshadows” posts back when I first started my blog, and today I finally decided to do another one. Please let me know if you… Continue reading Makeup | Step-by-step Purple & Silver Smokey Eye 

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Today’s #tbt is a look I created almost two years ago – time really flies! See the full look and product list here and the post to the step-by-step post here. I should really start doing step-by-step posts again right!? Step-by-step What do you think of this look?


Eyebrow Talk & Updated Eyebrow Pictorial

I have recently become obsessed with eyebrows, I don’t the reason for it but it’s probably after seeing this picture (see below) of celebs without their eyebrows lol. Eyebrows are just a must and it makes such a difference by slightly filling them in. My eyebrow routine is probably the most requested tutorial – so… Continue reading Eyebrow Talk & Updated Eyebrow Pictorial

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Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low” inspired makeup look

Hi! So I decided to recreate one of the makeup looks Kelly Rowland had in her new music video “Kisses Down Low” I love the song and all the makeup looks in the video were gorgeous. I realized I haven’t posted a very colourful look on my blog, so that’s why I went for the… Continue reading Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low” inspired makeup look

Makeup Looks · Picturorials/step-by-step

Step-by-step | Turquoise Smokey Eye

Some of you wanted to see a tutorial on my turquoise smokey eye look that I posted a few days ago. This technique is rather simple and the turquoise can of course be replaced with other colours. I had fun recreating this look and I hope you like it! 1. Start by defining the outer… Continue reading Step-by-step | Turquoise Smokey Eye