What’s In My Bag? (Uni edition)

Hi beauties! I’m doing something a bit different in today’s blogpost – I will show you what I have in my handbag. For some reason I love watching and reading “what’s in my bag” videos and posts, it’s fun and fascinating to see what people have in their handbags :). As you know I’m a… Continue reading What’s In My Bag? (Uni edition)


50 Random Facts About Me

   1. My favourite colour is white. I like my clothes, shoes, nails, interior white. All white everything 🙂 2. I think online shopping is the best invention ever. 3. I study Human Resources, and I love my major. 4. The first real film I saw as a child was Titanic. 5. I LOVE chicken!… Continue reading 50 Random Facts About Me

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♡ TMI TAG ft. MissSallyBoo1 (YouTube Video in Swedish)

Hi loves! So my girl Sally and I decided to do the TMI Tag when I visited Stockholm a few weeks ago. I’m sorry to all my English speaking beauties for not doing the tag in English 😦 But I hope you’ll enjoy hearing our language lol! Subsribe to my channel for makeup tutorials etc.… Continue reading ♡ TMI TAG ft. MissSallyBoo1 (YouTube Video in Swedish)


20 Random Facts About Me

Hi guys! I’ve seen quite a few do this tag on Instagram, so I figured why not do the tag on my blog. I was not tagged by anyone but will do it anyway. Hope you’ll enjoy! 1) I tweezed most of my brows off when I was 13 – I had the worst eyebrows… Continue reading 20 Random Facts About Me